We are based in Hertfordshire, UK. We offer group lessons in St.Albans, North London, Watford, Letchworth, Hitchin, Long Marston, Cheddington and Tring in Hertfordshire. If you would prefer the teacher to travel to your location, travel costs will be added on top of the tuition fees. We offer Skype lessons to students who are not based nearby.

Why Skype?

Skype is free, very convenient and means that your teacher’s time is spent more productively preparing for your lesson as well as enabling both you and your teacher to be accessible in any part of the world.

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Our Expert Teachers

Our teachers are not only experienced but also have charisma. They have knowledge of other subjects and a keen interest in the language they teach as well sharing their enthusiasm of learning a language with you. They are great communicators, very creative, approachable and will take you on a fascinating learning journey.

    Anna Large
    CEO and Teacher

    I am very happy to see you here. If you are here, it means you are ready to learn a foreign language. My name is Anna Large and I am the owner of Expert-teacher.com. I am an English and Russian teacher and extremely interested in learning different languages. I have learnt German, French, Arabic, Hebrew, Japanese, Hindi, Chinese, Georgian and other languages just to get an idea about the people that I have met along the way and be able to understand them better. Creating this website comes from the idea that the more we know about others’ native language, the more we grow to understand their culture, so become more tolerant. I believe that we can be better people by constantly learning. Hence, the idea of this website came naturally as a result of continuous personal development and thirst for knowledge. I will be very happy to organise your 20-30 minute interview on Skype with the teachers I have selected specially for you. My teachers are not only experienced but also have charisma. They have knowledge of other subjects and a keen interest in the language they teach as well sharing their enthusiasm of learning a language with you. They are great communicators, very creative, approachable and will take you on a fascinating learning journey.

    Matt Wan

    Matt is currently located in Hatfield, United Kingdom, where he is studying for an MSc in Project Management. He is currently teaching Chinese in West Hampstead in London, St.Albans and Long Marston in Hertfordshire. He teaches Mandarin Chinese to all ages and levels and has 5 years experience of teaching one-to-ones. His students come from various backgrounds: Portugal, South Korea, Thailand, Russia, England, France, Turkey and Germany. Together with Expert-teacher.com Matt is now writing a Chinese coursebook for the Elementary level students. On top of this, he is involved in our various projects of making short videos that will teach our students Chinese and contributing to the blog on expert-teacher.com.

  • Alexandra Gaudé
    French Teacher
    Alexandra Gaudé
    French Teacher

    Alexandra is a French native speaker who has been leaving and teaching in London for 5 years. She has a Degree in French Literature and a Master Degree in Foreign Languages. She is passionate about teaching modern languages for which reason Alexandra is starting a Teacher Training course (PGCE) at Kings College in September 2016 to qualify as a Spanish teacher. 

    Alexandra is currently working at the French Institute in South Kensington, and trains GCSE and A- Level students in Francis Holland School. 

    Alexandra also has a blog about French culture, and a Facebook page on which she posts French songs, movies and books daily. She believes that the best way to learn a foreign language is to have fun, that is why I always give fun materials to her students.


    Fang Jinrong

    Fang lives in the UK and offers lessons in Chinese to our clients. She is very consistent and thorough in her lesson preparation. She also has a lovely personality. Fang is currently studying for her PhD.

  • Sarah Saurigny
    French Teacher
    Sarah Saurigny
    French Teacher

    Sarah Saurigny is a native French teacher. She is kind and softly spoken. Sarah has an ME in English and PGCE in French and Spanish. She works as a freelancer for companies such as Airbus, MBDA and the University of Hertfordshire. She is happy to teach all levels (from beginner to Advanced and GCSE) in Hertfordshire in the following locations: Hatfield, Welwyn Garden City, St. Albans and other places nearby. She is also happy to teach on Skype. Contact us for further information.

    David King

    David has studied at the Universities of Dundee, Wales and York. His first experience of teaching EFL was in 1978 in Paris after spells in Accountancy and the Pharmaceutical Industry. Since then he has taught at all levels in UK, Spain, Saudi Arabia, The United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Germany and Kuwait, where he was Head of English for a private training company. He has also been a course director on several summer schools held in the United Kingdom. He returned to the UK from Kuwait in 1996 and from then until 2002 worked as a freelance Business English trainer, mainly for the German company, Siemens AG. Since then he has been working as a visiting lecturer in English for Academic Purposes at the University of Hertfordshire. He is currently based in Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire.

Website Design and Illustrations

We are working with a small team of people who make our website and training materials visually great!

  • Henry Roberts
    Graphic Designer
  • Maria Dalbayeva



one-off payment
  • Guaranteed Expert Teacher
  • Initial Interview
  • 10hrs Skype tuition
  • Online materials included
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one-off payment
  • Guaranteed Expert Teacher
  • Initial Interview
  • Various locations available
  • 10hrs tuition
  • Materials included
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WhatsApp Group

You are welcome to join the whatsapp group for those who are interested in being immersed into the language on a daily basis. You will need to provide us with your mobile phone number so we can add you to the group.


Our Expert Teachers post two podcasts a week on the website that you can check and learn something from. Under each podcast you can leave a comment and ask your teacher to create a podcast on a particular topic.

Free Materials

Some of the materials will be prepared by the teacher and the others will be selected from the published textbooks. The teacher will send you the materials before the start of the lessons.

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