How to talk about activities and hobbies in Chinese

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What do you like doing?你喜欢什么 What is the best way to get you started in Chinese? Some vocabulary related to things you and other people like doing. This is always a winner and I recommend you look through it. If you are familiar with pinyin, it should be easy but be careful with the tones. If you would like to … Read More

Learn vocabulary from a song

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Hi everyone,today I would like to teach you some useful vocabulary from a beautiful folk song called Zebra zebra (斑马斑马) which is super popular in China.  Basically, the Zebra in the song implies a girl who the singer wants to talk about. It is a  song with a bit of a sentimental mood and beautiful lyrics. Listen to the song first. let … Read More

Happy Lantern Festival 元宵节快乐

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Happy Lantern festival 元宵节快乐 Lantern Festival falls on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month. Mostly, it is the last day of spring festival. This is the first full moon of the new year, symbolizing unity and perfection. Lantern Festival is an important part of Spring Festival , and marks the official end of the long holiday. Generally, people … Read More

Sustaining a longer conversation in English

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Spain and its culture: sustaining a longer conversation in English when talking with a Spanish person Hello, everyone. Once my student from China said to me she didn’t know how to talk to a Spanish person for longer than 3 minutes at a party (in London) and she felt quite embarrassed about it, so she asked me to teach her a … Read More

Zodiac signs in Chinese

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In China, you often ask about the Zodiac sign of the person you are talking to. Here is the question: What’s your Chinese zodiac sign? – 你属什么? (nǐ shǔ shén me) To answer this question you need to say 我属___ (wǒ shǔ___) – I was born in the year of the___. Monkey – 猴 (hóu) Rooster – 鸡 (jī) Dog … Read More

Useful Chinese verbs for beginners

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Useful Сhinese vocabulary (1) The podcast with these will follow but at the moment here is the list of useful verbs you should know. I have put Pinyin in the middle but without the tone so you will need to listen to the podcast. The first word ‘love’ is really popular. Do you know how to say ‘I love you’ … Read More

How to order tea, coffee and pizza in Russian

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ТРЕТИЙ УРОК (The third lesson) Read the words on the left and match them to their English equivalent on the right. 1) Чай                                                 а) coffee 2) Сахар                                             б) milk 3) Кофе                                               в) tea 4) Вино                                               г) honey 5) Мёд                                                 д) sugar 6) Молоко                                          е) wine 7) сыр                                                  ё) butter 8) масло                                             ж) bread 9) хлеб                                              … Read More

Useful questions in Chinese for daily life

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Hi everyone!!! How are you? Today I would like to teach you how to answer some questions of our daily life in Chinese, for example, how to answer when people ask you” What do you like?””Where are you?”” What are you doing?” with a form of dialogue, which is very simple and useful. As usual, you can click the link … Read More